Juju Fierce is a powerful metaphysical membership...
a Mystery School & Temple, designed to deep dive
into YOUR Divine blueprint, beyond your DNA/Genetics,
into the realms of your PRIMAL Being!

🔥 Harness your Juju energy for a fierce life!

🔥 Infuse the power of metaphysics into your HUMAN, to create a life filled with wealth, health, success, awesome relationships and deep joy!

🔥 Awaken and utilize your natural gifts of “supernatural” prowess

(Ex: Telepathy, Intuition, astral projection, etc)

🔥 Activate Your ancient code lineages

🔥 Access your past life histories

🔥 Connect with Your ancestors and Master Teacher Guides

🔥 Open conscious connections with Your Great Juju (Source) for impeccable guidance

🔥 Create the magnificent impact and influence that you desire

🔥 Live life on your terms, from the depths of your TRUE Nature

Deep dives into various topics via Facebook LIVE in a closed group setting

Topics covered are chosen by members and also inspired

Whether you want to attracts loving, committed husband, call in wonderful clients, connect deeply with your Source, develop your psychic abilities, or explore any other metaphysical topics, we’ve got you covered

Worksheets and homework provided to encourage practical applications

All Lives are available for replay anytime, so you get to choose what topics to watch

Learn and implement at your own pace

Activations and Blessings offered on request

Ask questions and receive detailed, clarifying answers

Attend as you please. Cancel & leave at anytime.

Are you ready to be SUPERHUMAN?

Are you ready to turn your Juju ON?

Your Initiation begins...

Monthly Membership

No Refunds. Cancel your membership at any time.

Once you enroll, Request to join OUR PRIVATE Group


$ 197


While doing Fri's Money Ritual, a call came in that netted me $17K and a new client.

Juliana Kennedy
Juliana N. Kennedy

Certified Public Accountant Serving Integrity-Driven Entrepreneurs with Accounting & Tax Strategies.

I'm totaling nearly $7k in the past 11 days!!!! Thank you Fri!

Caryn Terres
Caryn Terres

Pleasurable Parenting & Whole Life Alignment Expert

Thank you Fri! From all the previous rituals I have received more money & other things. On the last day of the Money visualization. Exact to the day of on August 20th, I received thousands from one person in unexpected money as a gift, on the same day that we asked for it of August 20th! Love & Thank you! Blessings!

Aura Godl
Aura Gold

I signed a client at $5K during Fri's Money Ritual!

Stephanie Sciamano​
Stephania Sciamano

Money Coach

I was led to run a boot camp and I am so glad I was in tune and listened. A week later, I have 9 confirmed spots in!

Ehi Edi-Mabu
Ehi Ade-Mabo

Mindset Coach & Speaker helping Leaders ascend to their version 2.0

Fri! That lady paid in full! This is the first time since I have been in business!

Sarah Lines
Sarah Lines

Healer & Guide

Two unexpected checks in the mail today. One grant I didn’t expect and one electricity bill refund... over 750$ yay!

Zoë Campbell

Artist Alchemists

Fri I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Since joining the group Juju Fierce I’ve revived my faith and belief in myself and my Juju I love this name it feels juicy and luscious 😂 anyway I digress. A week since joining Juju Fierce I have made all of my living expenses easily with no effort seeing clients offline some paid the higher rate with others I’ve slowly raised the price.
You’ve helped me to follow the path of least resistance it’s been right in front of me the whole time!

Patrice H-Jones
Patrice H-Jones

Body Wealth Mentor

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